Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New blog!!!

Someone has a new blog. Celebrating the darker side of SL.

Check it out...if you dare!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Many 'Extend a helping hand'

The amazing Sanura Sakai has organised the Extend a helping hand market to raise much needed funds for those affect by the devastating floods in Queensland, Australia. Many fantastic designers, a number of which are directly affected by these floods, have donated many items to help this fundraiser. It is harrowing to watch the devastation as it unfolds before our eyes. Heartbreaking to know it was getting worse and that we can't do a damn thing about it. But we can extend a helping hand to those affected by purchasing an item or two from this market or by making a donation. For more information on this event, please head over to Sanura's real life blog Kat Johnston

Top by Epic - Basic Snug Hoodie & Shorts Set (Black) $299L
Choker is from By Snow - Tribal Heart (Silver) $75L

Evangeline Miles of Evie's Closet has released a fundraiser edition of her gorgeous Milli gown in black.  $375L

Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude made a lovely Wold Necklace 
(Male and female versions available) $100L
Eyes from ~By Snow~ Emerald Eyes $25L

 Complete Vocal outfit from Tarnished only $100L with a number of different colours available.

A very cute daisy parasol from Faery Soda of Studio Sidhe $80L

Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc. has offered up the amazing Fire salamander skin $990L

Deviance - Deluxe Fairy Tale Princess Gown (Cornflower) $325L
Cupcakes skin - London - Cameo - Punky Fatpack $300L
Schadenfreude Wold Necklace $100L

 3 pose packs from Zombie Fetus $250L & $100L

There are many wonderful designers involved, with new stores joining everyday. A big thankyou to all the stores involved so far:
Sanu, A.DD. Andel, Cupcakes, Evie's Closet, Tarnished, Dilly Dolls, Freedom, Mango Mango, By Snow, A-Bomb, fri.day, Lolapop, Violent Seduction, Epic, Whippet & Bucket, Deviance, Schadenfreude, Thistle Homes, D-Labs, Ruru@Pino, Frippery, FD Decor, Idiosyncrasy, Intrigue & Co., Hoot, Stringer Mausoleum, C&D Designs, Weather! or Not?, Shades of October, AA Garden Centre, Mer-Elf Creations, Ellie's Attic, Studio Sidhe, Fallen Gods Inc., Miamai, Zombie Fetus, Polygon Fashion, CoLLision, RRS, Creative Insanity, Kahli's Closet, Rezlpsa Loc, Oscycat Designs, Young Urban, fashionably dead, Mindgardens, Spyralle, SLink, DownDownDown & This is a Fawn.

----------Extra credits--------
Skin: Glam Affair Carnival 04

Ploom - Seffy 11 (Ash)
Calico Ingmann Creations Zoe (Midnight)
Truth - Carli (snow)

Eyes: {.Rue.} Eyed/Tethys: Ruby

Tape: League - Duct tape (black)

Gesticulate - Ima std 9, HNR std4 and Hup std 6
Hate me and eat me - 

Friday, January 7, 2011

What's it to be meme?

Not much really!

A good friend of mine, Rue, posted a meme on her blog, Rue the day!, mid December that has inspired me to venture back into the world of blogging. It's been awhile since I've blogged, rl has had me preoccupied. I have always loved taking pics in SL but I've never been the best at writing, so I thought that answering someone else's questions would make it a lot easier. I'm not one to talk about myself but I thought I'd follow suit and share a little about meme..

LeahJane Cazalet, LJ for short.

What is your occupation in SL?
Apart from inventory filler, I don't have one. I use to blog and I also use to do some modelling for The Stringer Mausoleum too, but my lazy arse hasn't done that in awhile. My original plans for SL were to make things to sell but I've been having to much fun stuffin around and playing dress-ups to bother. One day maybe.

How many items in your inventory?
I have over 35K in my inventory and I'm planning to delete about 20K of it (that may be some wishful thinking)

What are you listening to right now?
P!nk's Raise your glass

What was the last thing you ate?
Spaghetti on toast

Can you drive a stick shift?
Yes I can drive a stick shift/manual (Depending on where you live)

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Purple and probably toxic

Last person you spoke to on the phone?
My daughter, she's spending the night at her grandparents house

Do you like the person who sent you this?
Hmmm...let me think! Do I like Rue? Damn straight I do! Well maybe just a lil. I don't get to hang out with Rue very often in SL but I'm happy I get to keep in touch via plurk. This queen of all things dark and unnatural has the heart of gold and a personality to match. Her openness and honesty about who she really is has inspired my RL in more ways than one. Rue is an extremely talented artist, an amazing lady and a true friend.

How old are you today?
I'm 36 years, 2 months and 29 days old in RL and 3 and a half in SL

Favorite drink?
My avi's favorite drink is freshly decanted, warm human blood. And for an exotic flavour, a little neko or fae blood goes down a treat. I don't get to drink alcohol very often but when I do, I love Midori splices and Bailey & milk.

What’s your favorite sport to watch?
The Australian Ironman series

Have you ever dyed your hair?
Only a section of it. I have really dark brown hair and I occasional have a couple of stripes on top bleached blonde so I can dye it corvet red.

Not really! We share a couple of sheep named Jess and Tess with our neighbour.

Favorite food?
Toad in the hole with mash potato and gravy.

Last movie you watched?
Angels & Demons

Favorite day of year?
6th of Feb and 3rd of June, my kids birthdays.

What do you do to vent your anger?
Depends on how hard I'm pushed. If I'm at work, I'll just let them have it. Mind you, it takes a lot to get me to that point, I'm very laid back and don't particularly care what others say. If it's family related, I'll stew over it and if it's the kids shitting me, I'll leave the room to calm down.

What was your favorite toy as a child?
I had a few. I love my My little ponies, my smurf figurines and I had a strawberry BigM hoolahoop that smelt divine. I was the typical girl that had a few barbie dolls but I never had a ken, my barbies use to date my Michael Jackson and Gene Simmons dolls.

Whats your favorite season?
Spring. Lovely weather, not too hot. Sun is shining, birds are singing, bugs are buzzing and the flowers bloom in wonderful colours. We have a number of Kookaburras nesting on our property. Each spring you hear the babies learning their trademark cackle. Their attempt to laugh is just adorable, they sound broken...lol

Hugs or Kisses?
Depends who it's with. Hugs and kisses, I'm pretty affectionate.

Cherry or blueberry?
Cherries...grosse (unless it's a cherry ripe chocolate bar) so it will have to be blueberries.

Do you want your friends to send you this back to you?
That is entirely up to them. I love reading things like this about others.

Who is most likely to respond?
Anyone that likes to share a lit bit of themselves and have their own blog.

Who is least likely to respond?
Anyone that stumbles across this. I am a fairly quite person, keep to myself a lot, not wanting to bother anybody.

When was the last time you laughed?
Just know. My kids have me laughing everyday.

When was the last time you cried?
About 3 weeks ago. Which is a long time for me!

What is on the floor of your closet?
Clothes that I haven't been bothered to put away yet.

Who is the friend you have had the longest you are sending this to.
Stry and Rue

Favorite smells?
Vanilla, baby powder, cut grass, christmas pine, Mum's roast, a baking chocolate cake, certain men wearing Joop after shave. My nan lives just up the road from a big bread company. I used to love playing in her front garden, the smell of freshly baked bread would waft through...mmm

Who inspires you?
My partner, my children, my brother, Ruina Kessel, Sierra Sugar and Stryda Radek (Where ever in the world he may be)

What are you afraid of?
That which I can't see in the dark.

Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers?
Definitely cheese

Favorite car?
A black 58, 62 or 66 Chevrolet Impala, hard top or convertible. So pretty much old skool, black, very shiny and got some grunt.

Favorite cat breed?
I love cats but I don't have a favorite breed. I'll have any cat as long as it's not to stubborn and fiery.

Number of keys on your key ring?

How many years in your current job?
Have been working in the hospitality industry for 17 years and have been at the current venue for a year and a half.

Where’s The Question?
What question?

How many states have you lived in?
Just one

Do you think you’re fun?
Yes! When people get to know me, they will see this.

Favorite Tree?
My favourite tree would have to be the Bodhi tree. With it's heart shaped leaves, this huge sacred fig tree is ancient, rare and very spiritual. It is believed that Gautama Buddha achieved enlightenment under this tree.

Favorite all time music Album/CD
This is a hard question. I like songs more than whole albums but I can think of a few albums that I listen to from cover to cover like Live – Throwing Copper, P!nk – Fun house & Ga ga's The fame monster.

The end. Well almost!

===Pic credits===
Tuli - Hope 09

Ploom - Koneko - Ash
Amerie M - Long vest black
H.o.D -  The Path To Forgiveness Necklace
Sinistyle - Azazel Bracers & Taped Fist & Black Nails (Full Fist)
House of Ruin - Tonic XXX: Hypnotist
Diesel Works - Piper7
Location - No Salvation

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gone for awhile!

I have taken a break from blogging for awhile due to RL situations and dramas that were out of my control. Everything is almost back on track and I shall be hopefully returning soon.

<3 LJ

Friday, August 6, 2010

Welcome to my fun house!

Under the veil of darkness, a Circus of the damned rolled into town. Rumours quickly spread of Vampires, as many of the town folk began to vanish. No laughter is ever heard coming from this big tent, only the screams of those unfortunate enough to enter alone.

So come on in. Take a seat...if you dare!

Believing vampires are nothing more than fiction and being a rather inquisitive individual, you decide to take a closer look and step into the dimly lit tent. It was cold and empty. The smell of blood fills the damp night air. You suddenly feel a presence, and as if out of nowhere, a clown had magically appeared, intrepidly balancing high above on the tight rope. Her arm swung forward, and with a slight twist of her thumb, she had splayed apart four large knives. You take a seat on an old hand carved wooden chair. Your excitement and anticipation begin to mount, as you gaze hypnotically up at the circus performer. To your amazement, she holds the very sharp blade ends of the knives and begins to juggle. The evil fanged beauty, turns and glares straight at you with her vivid blue eyes. She herself desires to be entertained, and she has you in her sights. All of a sudden, she throws the knives in your direction. With precision, she has pinned your arms and legs tightly to the chair by your clothing. With wide eyes, you look down at the large blades that just missed your skin. You begin to panic. As you try to move, you fail to notice that the clown was no longer up on the tight rope and that she was now standing directly behind you. As you look back up at the now barren rope above, you hear a gentle whisper in your left ear "Scream for me". Cold lips press firmly against the skin on the side of your neck, then an agonisingly sharp pain as she sinks her fangs deep into your warm flesh.  She borders on ecstasy as your blood begins to flows over her tongue. You scream at the top of your lungs due to the affliction she forced upon you but you soon stop as her bite becomes extremely erotic. Within seconds, your body becomes calm and relaxed, no longer trying to fight her bite of death. Everything goes dark...

Releasing her grasp from your neck, the clown takes a step back and wipes a small drop of your blood from the corner of her mouth with the tip of her finger and places it on her tongue. "Mmmm...delicious!  Compliments to the chef". Before leaving, she leans over your wretched body and retrieves her beloved weaponry, then vanishes back to the shadows from where she came.

- - - - -
Outfit is a collaboration of 5 different BareRose outfits:
Trum-Pet Bunney: Red hat
Dama del Ruedo: Black Jacket (no sleeves)
Tutu: Tutu black
Miss Quin: Red pants
Flurry Red: Collar
- - - - -
Skin: Fallen Gods Inc - Clown skin fanged - The show must go on
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations - Zoe - Midnight
Eyes: House of Ruin - Tonic XXX: Hypnotist
Pose: Leafy - Redspot (edited)
Location: The Dominion Femdom Fetish Shoppes
- - - - -
This pic is my entry in the Bare@Rose 5YA photo contest on flickr. I thought I should give it a story.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Prim to Excess


Hi, I'm LJ and I'm addicted to sculpted prim clothing. I absolutely love them, though they can be difficult to resize and adjust (you may even need to adjust your shape) but once you get the hang of it, it becomes much easier. ***Warning: Please, please, please always make a copy before you make adjustments, just incase you stuff it!
Hair: MADesign - FURY No Bangs ~ Brown streaks
Skin: Tuli - Hope 09
Top: COG Design - Black corsage

The awesome shorts are a fairly recent release from BC322. They're called Leather Bermuda pants and I loves them. They have a studded belt, wallet and chain and knuckle dusters in the back pocket.

This rather unique blue pendant necklace is from Fusion, I bought mine from the Black and blue fair but you get them from Fusion's main store. The stuning eyes are from the devilishly divine Ruina Kessel of the House of Ruin. Tonic XXX Hypnotist.

These pics were taken over at Excess mainstore. It is an interesting build and I had to take some pics to share with all you viewers. Excess sell hair, clothes, skins and some wicked complete avatars, male and female.

Items I'm always wearing:
Skin: Tuli - Hope (Goth) 09
Eyes: House of Ruin - Tonic XXX Hypnotist
Tattoo: iNFLICT - Champions trophy
Accessories: Sinistyle - Taped hands and wrist/ Arm bracers
Boots: Little Britain Designs - New Rock Flame boots
Face piercing - by me

Happy Birthday Loco Pocos!

HaPpY 2nD bIrThDaY pOcOs!!!

Loco Poco's have turned 2, and to celebrate they have some great events for you to participate in. First is a fantastic hunt. Loco Poco's always have amazing hunts with awesome prizes. Check Loco Poco blog for more info.

Located just outside LP store, you'll find easy to follow instructions on how to hunt. Once you have clicked the sign, then attached the HUD, it's time to go exploring. Look all around, including on the island, for the items you need. The hunt items are a good size and not hard to find. Complete the hunt and you'll win a unique Loco Poco avatar.

Loco Poco Island and The great tree Rokeden. 

If you have never been to Loco Poco Island before, it is a great place to see, explore and have some fun.

Once you have finished exploring the Island and have filled your HUD, head back to the golden treasure chest. Click it and shall be rewarded with this amazing avi, Captain B.Bonnik. Those familiar with Loco Poco Island, will know the B.Bonnik character well from the journal adventure. 

Captain B.Bonnik sailing the 7 seas. Arrrrrrrr...!

Also as part of the b'day celebrations, the adventure continued with a new series of journals and new puzzles to solve.

While exploring and hunting, keep on eye out for these well hidden silver keys. If you are lucky enough to find one, hold on to it tight. You can use it to unlock some more amazing prizes.

Once you find a silver sparkling chest, wear the silver key you found. It will float above your head, then click on the chest and you'll receive a random LP prize. A number of stores in the LP's mall also have a silver chest, so find more keys. I am holding a bucket filled with sweet, delicious goodies, which is a prize from Prettiful and a ice cream sundae from Brushed...YUM!

Loco Poco's