Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Second Life

Second Life has turned the big 7 "HaPpY BiRtHdAy" So that means it's time to party! Head over to SL7B and explore the 21 SIMs. They're filled with amazing builds, sculptures, exhibits, moving art, interactive instillations, poetry readings, DJ's, live entertainers Spanish lessons and much much more. You can even take a tour shuttle around the SL7B regions. It's approximately a 55min round trip. The theme of this years birthday bash is "Unexpected Collaborations" and the event runs from 21st June to 3rd July. For more info about this event, check out the SL7B blog

This is the main stage of SL7B. You'll find some great entertainers performing here.

Birds eye view of the 4 SIMs that are used for the Main Stage area.

There is an amazing line up of Live Performances. I had the privilege of hearing a number of fantastic musicians and singers. Pictured from top left, counter-clockwise: Lauren Weyland, Jahman Ochs, Jaycatt Nico & Frogg Marlowe, Whirligig Rutabaga & bartelby Pegler.

The Originals display of 72 SL live musicians.

Get ya groove on party people. 
You can't have a party without some tunes. DJ's are pumping up the music all over SL7B, spinning tracks pretty much every hour of the day. There are a number of places set up for DJ's to play their sets so you can get down and get jiggy with it!

I got to rock out with the stunning DJ Sierra Sugar at Stage 1.

As well as partying with DJ Davey Swindlehurst.

Bodied Words by pallina60 Loon

The next lot of pics are just a small hand of creative artworks that I came across while exploring SL7B. Plus to celebrate SL7B, many of the exhibitors have gifts set out for you all, so keep an eye for them.

Capricious by windyy Lane

LEA build by Bryn Oh (Linden Endowment for the Arts).

Heath Nightmare by Fuschia Nightfire.

TeleOctoscope By L1Aura Loire & Maya Paris.

Temple of the plywood apple by Istauri Arai & Ifrit Skytower.
Artwork quote “on the twentieth of may, two thousand and seven, the omnipotent plywood apple descended upon the grid. Dreams grew from the seed of the plywood apple, filling the grid with much beauty, their vivid sculpt maps brought impossible shapes into your eyes.”

Music runs in their pravda Core of Hip Hop Vamps 

Toxian City RP exhibit Here you can find all the information you need to get into some dark urban role play. A big thank you to my ever so brave patient, Rev Horatio, for allowing me to jab him with syringes filled with unknown but very colourful substances. The side effects should wear off soon Rev...I hope! 
*Grins* Hmmm...which syringe shall I try on him next?

Midnight Dreams by Nyx Breen.

You can grab yourself a free Dream spinner. Fly up and add yourself to the artwork.

Exquisite Corpse Tower by shanti Yutani & Merlino Mayo

End of Milkyway by Timmi Allen

When your all partied out, relax, grab yourself a bite eat. The burgers are out of this world!

LJ raises a glass to everyone in SL, Cheers!

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